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hunting with tim

I went hunting with Tim right after Christmas. He drives to a pond several miles from our house where he hunts ducks. We’d had a recent thaw and there was quite a bit of open water on the pond so he was hopeful that would draw in some ducks. It’s tough to see how many ducks might be on the pond from the road — as they tend to hide in the reeds along the edges — so it’s a bit of a crapshoot when you put your bird up.



Tim was acting as both falconer and bird dog that day. After he put his peregrine Macduff into the air, he snuck up to the pond by approaching it from the side where there’s a high berm. He spied several mallards on the far edge so he kept his eye on his bird and when he was in position high overhead, Tim rose from behind the berm and yelled and clapped his hands like a madman. The mallards took off low and hard, and although Macduff had a wonderful stoop at them, he was not successful in hitting any that morning.


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