Biking Around Potsdam

On a cool, misty Fourth of July my daughter and I took the train from Braunschweig to Potsdam to meet Kevin Kennedy our guide for a four-hour bike ride through the city. Although I was yearning for a picnic with hotdogs and burgers, we settled for a break from typical German fare of meat and potatoes prepared every way possible, by eating at an Asian café in the train station.

We were to meet Kevin Kennedy at a bike rental shop by the station. He’s a local guide and a cultural historian — a student of Prussian history — which was apropos for our ride through Potsdam’s parks. We were riding bikes because Potsdam’s green spaces sprawl through the city center and two wheels allowed us to cover some territory and talk at the same time.

Kennedy was late so we practiced riding our big heavy metal frame bikes with foot brakes in circles around the parking lot. Because of his name, I expected Kennedy to be an Irishman or at least from Boston but he turned out to be a ruddy-faced ginger-haired man with a GI father from New Hampshire and a mother from Berlin. (Read the rest of this post on Huffington Post)

statue at sans soucci


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