green burial

The other day I went to Greensprings natural cemetary and nature preserve and witnessed a green burial. Although it was the beginning of March the snow was about thigh deep up on top of the hill outside Newfield, New York. Greensprings owns about a hundred acres and since opening a couple of years ago, has buried about sixty people.

Here’s a view of the open grave on the crest of the hill.

Mary Woodsen, Greensprings trustee, cuts and brings Norway spruce boughs to cover the dirt pile. Later, the family will place these boughs in the grave on top of the body.

A chair for the mother of the deceased young woman is placed near the open grave.



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2 responses to “green burial

  1. That’s about what I want when it’s my time…if I can’t persuade someone to put me up on a scaffold for the vultures.

  2. rachelbirds

    The sky burial concept is a good one. But you’d also have to find someone to pulverize your bones to have the authentic experience.

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