nice long post about golden eagles

I stumbled across this long post about golden eagles Aquila chrysaetos complete with a number of videos. This blog The Texas Cichlid Massacre is pretty interesting and covers topics as varied as paleontology, fish, wildlife, and crytozoology.  Please visit his blog to read the golden eagle post. If anyone is hankering for a dose of using golden eagles to hunt in Mongolia, below is one of the youtube videos from his blog:



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7 responses to “nice long post about golden eagles

  1. Thank you for the post you left and for the plug for my blog here as well. Looks like an interesting blog you have here yourself.

  2. Rachel,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I’m happy to have consequently found yours. It’s been a long time since I saw you. I think it was a Guinness that I shared with you and Tim so many years ago in Vermont when you visited the British School of Falconry.

    In any event, I just finished reading your book and really enjoyed it. I’ve hawked all over the country (and many other parts of the world) and never had the pleasure of meeting Steve. It was really wonderful to read about him through your experiences with him. I think that anyone who hunts as hard as I do and runs up the kind of head-scores that I typically do with my birds is bound to feel an affinity for (and strange connection to) a guy like Steve. He really is a living legend in our community.

    I hope the holidays have been kind to you.
    Take good care of yourself.
    Yours in the Sport,
    Scott McNeff

    • rachelbirds

      Scott — I remember that Guiness well. I’m glad you liked Falconer on the Edge. I hope you get to meet Steve one day because you are birds of a feather.


  3. Rachel– are you in touch– I know you know of– Lauren McGough, who is doing a Fulbright by learning to be a berkutchi in Mongolia (the first female ever)? Email if you want hers and don’t have it.

    She intends a book!

  4. rachelbirds

    Hey, Steve — I thanks for the note. Do you hear regularly from Lauren? She’s amazing.

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