another review of falconer

It was nice to see this little review this morning as part of a round-up of bird books in the Montreal Gazette:

“Speaking of the vanishing American West and its icons, I was thrilled to see Rachel Dickinson’s Falconer on the Edge (Houghton Mifflin, $25) about Steve Chindgren, a pioneer, a Western mountain man and, most of all, a hardcore falconer.

I once attended a falconry conference in Utah and I will never forget my adventure of running along with Steve full-tilt on frozen mud in a marsh as he chased after his beloved hunting peregrine. He is eccentric, fanatical, obsessive and truly dedicated to the sport of falconry. Not for the faint of heart, though. (to read more click here . . .)



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3 responses to “another review of falconer

  1. I have started your book and want to say how much I am enjoying it. Actually, I got the book for my husband, as a Christmas present, and have read a few chapters in secret. How well you write! I look forward to reading the rest.

  2. rachelbirds

    Thanks so much, Alexandra (both for buying and reading the book). It seems like I wrote the book a lifetime ago. I hope you continue to enjoy it and that your husband does as well.

  3. I was just reading some of your older posts on this blog and discovered that you keep up with Helen McDonald and Steve Bodio as well. (as do I) Helen and I used to work together for Nick Fox. Our little falconry community is such a small and close-knit group that it often makes the world seem smaller than it it.

    I just wanted to say that I think that Bodio’s review of your book was spot-on! Most falconers who attempt to write dont even do justice to our sport, and you’ve done a great job of it.

    And you’ll be happy to know that I bought a second copy of your book to give to a friend.

    Take care,

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