hawk versus chicken

Here’s what passes for news in Cary, North Carolina:

“CARY — Blanchard, a 22-week-old pet rooster, was killed while strutting in his owners’ yard Saturday morning by a hawk that should have been hunting for rabbits.

Ann Richard and her husband, Dieter Griffis, got the startling news when the hawk’s owner paid a visit to their Green Level Church Road home to apologize. The owner told the couple, who were too distraught to catch his name, that he had been hunting with his hawk on a farm across the street.

The hawk, which was released to hunt rabbits during an extended North Carolina falconry season, flew to the couple’s property and mauled Blanchard, a light Brahma chicken, a breed originally imported from India and named for its white base coloring.”

To continue reading and see how the plot thickens, click here.

UPDATE: In a weird twist, the chicken owner might try to bring the falconer to justice before this North Carolina judge — https://falconerontheedge.wordpress.com/2009/02/22/north-carolina-judge-brings-redtail-into-the-courtroom/ — oh, that might not work to the rooster’s advantage.


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