hunting for ducks

I went out flying with Tim yesterday morning but there were no ducks to be found on the little pond. MacDuff flew over the pond, took a quick look, then headed for a flock of pigeons that were coming off a nearby horse farm. He chased the pigeons then took some passes at a ball of starlings that erupted from a clump of trees. Finally he came back over the pond, hoping his fortunes had changed. No such luck.





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8 responses to “hunting for ducks

  1. Josh Myers

    My girlfriend just surprised me this week with your book! (i am a pre-apprentice) I am really syked to start reading it as i just finished your husbands book no longer than 2 weeks ago. I am sure it will be a delight!

    From what i can imagine from falcon fever, the above picture is EXACTLY how i pictured McDuff… (before i went and googled tim, hahah)

    Thanks again!

    • rachelbirds

      Hi Josh — I hope you like the book. Yes, MacDuff is a handsome fellow — chances are I took any other photo you might have seen of Tim with his bird on the web.


  2. Aw…better luck next time… I love your blog.

  3. MacDuff is absolutely gorgeous!

  4. Love the striped feathers! And, what a profile!

  5. rachelbirds

    Thanks for the comments all. And yes, MacDuff is a handsome fellow.


  6. Lis

    I just finished reading Falcon Fever, which I picked up on a whim — found this while looking for more info on your husband. MacDuff is gorgeous. And now that I know about “Falconer on the Edge”, I’ll be checking that out next.

  7. rachelbirds

    Great! Thanks for checking in.


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