rare praise for falconer

Steve Bodio did a round-up of mini-reviews back in September and here’s what he had to say about my book:

Falconer on the Edge by Rachel Dickinson is the best book about falconry by a non- falconer ever written– in fact, it is better than 90% of the ones written by falconers! For an excellent longer review by artist (and falconer) Carel Brest van Kempen go here; for Rachel’s blog go here.”

Rare praise and I’m completely flattered. Bodio can write circles around me.



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4 responses to “rare praise for falconer

  1. Well, I will know now what to get my husband for Christmas this year! He will love your book.

  2. rachelbirds

    Thanks, Alexandra.

  3. This is a wonderful review. Congrats!

  4. rachelbirds

    Thanks, Brette.

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