i want that contract . . .

NBC Bird and Pest Solutions has a 44,000 pound (that’s about $71,980) contract to scare the pigeons off the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh. According to one of the falconers, there are approximately 20 pigeons in residence and NBC is under strict no-kill orders. Hmmm.  The Scottish Parliament building was designed by Spanish architect Enric Miralles who died in 2000 (aged 45) a few months after construction on the building commenced

scottish parliament building 

Here’s the beginning of the piece that ran in Deadline Scotland

“A DEAL to hire hawks to rid the Scottish Parliament of its pigeon poo problem is costing the taxpayer a staggering £2000 – for every bird they chase away.

NBC Bird and Pest Solutions have signed a lucrative £44,000 three-year contract with Holyrood bosses to have their birds of prey patrol the skies to chase off the doos.

But handlers admit they think there are only around 20 birds posing a problem – making it a very costly solution to the public purse.” (read the rest of the piece by clicking here)



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2 responses to “i want that contract . . .

  1. Now that would be really cool

  2. wow thats a lot of money to scare away 20 birds

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