interview on wskg’s “off the page”

It’s nerve-wracking to sit through an hour-long interview — you’re sure you sound like an idiot half the time and, because I am who I am, I am sure when pushed to the wall I’m just a blithering idiot. But this interview with Crystal Sarakis on WSKG’s Off the Page went quite well. Made some gaffes but nothing that will make me want to hide my face when someone says they heard the piece. To listen to the interview click here.

Here’s the intro:  

Rachel Dickinson’s introduction to the world of falconry was rather abrupt. Her husband, Tim Gallagher, brought home a kestrel one day, a young bird that had been brought in to the Lab of Ornithology at Cornell. That one bird rekindled an old passion for Tim, and thrust Rachel into a world completely foreign to her.

In order to better understand this new world, Dickinson set out to try to gain an understanding of the world of falconry by following one of the sport’s most intense and legendary figures – Steve Chindgren. Her book, “Falconer on the Edge: A Man, His Birds, and the Vanishing Landscape” is the result of that journey. The book is a captivating profile of a very complex individual who has sacrificed a great deal for the birds and the sport that he loves, and a fascinating look at hunting with falcons.”



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2 responses to “interview on wskg’s “off the page”

  1. Love the radio show, it was very informative and stimulating, think i preferred it better than the other radio interview you did with Steve. You should get copies of the shows and archive them.

  2. rachelbirds

    Thanks. Good idea about archiving the shows — will do.

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