publishing and selling books from the trunk of your car

In the book world, if your book doesn’t take off immediately or garner well-placed reviews, your little tome is doomed to die a quick and quiet death. And these days, when the publishing industry is devoting fewer funds and resources to promoting books that might be “iffy” in any way (mind you they paid good money for the book in the first place), your book can be doomed from the get-go.

book cover art

I’ve had fun watching FALCONER ON THE EDGE yo-yo its way up and down Amazon’s list of bestsellers in the hunting category over the past couple of weeks. Sometimes FALCONER is nestled between books about hunting with compound bows and stalking whitetail deer in Wisconsin, or it will be somewhere near The Man-Eaters of Tsavo, a perennial bestseller written decades ago, or eating the dust of a new bestseller titled American Buffalo. I’m just happy it’s out there and doing okay. But I have taken to carrying a box of my books in my car whenever I travel anywhere because, at this point, a sale is a sale.

So all you people with books on the verge of coming out be prepared for the strangeness of bookstore readings to seven people (two of whom stopped by on their way to the bathroom), radio interviews with people who haven’t read the book, and Amazon (and other) reviews where you, as the author, are being taken to task for everything from the copy on the bookjacket (not written by me) to the fact that this wasn’t a how-to book about falconry. My word of advice to you incipient authors is to grow an extra layer of skin.


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  1. Joe

    Rachel, just finished reading over the weekend. I found it very interesting. It is always fun to see people you know (and in my case hawk with) have their names in print. BTW, I also liked Tim’s book as well. The second half of his book was very cool.


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