radio west interview with steve

Very nice hour-long interview with KUER’s Radio West in Salt Lake City. Steve brought his gyr-peregrine hybrid Jomo into the studio and he chups and talks throughout, which is a neat sound effect. The production staff was enthralled with Jomo and took a number of photos that ended up as a slide show on the home page of the website. Here’s the promo teaser:

“Wednesday on RadioWest we’re profiling one of America’s greatest falconers, Steve Chindgren. Chindgren spends 6 months a year practicing his ancient sport on the sage prairies of Wyoming. Biographer Rachel Dickinson says it’s not just about one man’s passion though. Steve Chindgren hunts grouse with his hawks – and changes brought on by the mining and the energy industries could have a dire effect on them all. Chindgren and Dickinson join Doug to talk about the new book “Falconer on the Edge.”

Click here to listen to the show . . .

Steve and Jomo in Wyoming, January 2007.

Steve and Jomo in Wyoming, January 2007.


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