a lovely review

Carel Brest Van Kempen, an artist and naturalist from Salt Lake City, has written a terrific review of my book on his blog, Rigor Vitae: Life Unyielding. It begins:

“I grew up in Emigration Canyon, Utah, which, 15 years earlier, had been a small, rural, working-class town with a distinctive culture. Fifteen years later and it would become a rich bedroom community that would all but extirpate that old culture. The community I knew seemed much closer to the former than the latter, but that could have been because I naturally gravitated towards those elements. One of those distinctive cultural peccadilloes was falconry, a practice that many local boys indulged in. More often than not, it was a passing fancy, but for a number of us, the rare privilege of developing close personal relationships with complex, wild predators led to insight and obsession that would shape the rest of our lives. None of us were quite like Steve Chindgren, though. His passion for falconry and his drive to excel in it reached an almost absurd level. By the time he was 20, he was hawking game more successfully than most, and 37 years later, it’s probably safe to say that no person alive has taken more wild game with  falcons.”  (click here to read more . . .)



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2 responses to “a lovely review

  1. John Bickerstaff

    Hello again Rachel –

    I’ll claim my comment on this post is loosely related to the previous post in that I too grew up in SLC. In truth, I just wanted to say hi and comment briefly on your book…

    I had your book on order with Amazon and got it as soon as it came out… devoured and enjoyed it thoroughly. As I recall, I stayed up the better part of one night the day it came. A fascinating read.

    I was at one and the same time envious of a life that so nearly bends to Steve’s passion and awed by a glimpse of the sacrifices made.

    I understand you’ll be at Kings English in SLC tomorrow evening… I grew up about a block away and used to fill my bicycle tires with air at a gas station they took over years ago…

    Very much looking forward to attending and saying hello.

  2. JohnNotLoggedIn

    Hi Rachel,

    Great to meet you in person at the Kings English. Thanks for the great book and the enjoyable conversation!

    Best of luck in future writing endeavors. Your book has inspired me to begin asking questions about how that land will ever be made whole again…

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