trapping birds

On the Operation Delta Duck blog Rebecca O’Connor wrote a great response to someone who was horrified that she wished to wild trap falcons. As Rebecca  points out, this is a way to give young birds a leg-up in terms of survival. When left to their own devices, a good majority of these birds will not survive their first year. Falconers feed and care for these wild-trapped birds — they treat their illnesses, act as hunting partners in the field, and come to love and respect them. Here’s the beginning of her post:

Yes, falconers trap birds. I sometimes wish we would all trap birds instead of
breeding them. The birds we trap survive when so many in the wild do not. We
are only allowed to trap first year hawks and falcons, of which more than 70
percent don’t survive their first year…that is, unless they happen to be
trapped and trained by a falconer. A falconer will always feed them whether
they are successful or not and will medicate them if they have one of the
many diseases, such as aspergillosis, that are common to young struggling
(to read more, click here . . .)


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