de-watering wyoming

Today’s New York Times has an editorial about a proposed pipeline that would take 80 billion gallons from the Green River watershed in southwest Wyoming and carry to Denver and Colorado Springs to aid in further development of that area.  The editorial begins —

“To the list of truly terrible ideas, we would like to add the one that is stirring up residents of southwestern Wyoming.

A developer named Aaron Million has proposed to build a private, 560-mile-long, 10-foot-high pipeline from Wyoming’s Green River Basin, along Interstate 80, and then south along Colorado’s Front Range to Denver and Colorado Springs. The pipeline is meant to carry water — more than 80 billion gallons a year. Last week, the Army Corps of Engineers presented the proposal in the town of Green River, Wyo., where it was met with outrage.” (click here to continue reading)



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  2. John Bickerstaff


    Along the lines of doing something smart with natural resources, instead of the insane idea mentioned in the NY Times article…

    In the book you mention that the mining companies are required to “fix” the damage to the land they use… I was wondering how that is to be accomplished? For example, is anyone growing sage and native grasses somewhere for replanting once the mining companies are done?

    It may be naive of me to expect that such a thing is happening – and I suspect that official definitions of “returning the land to good condition” might leave a lot to be desired — but based on what I read – if the State and others wish to avoid declaring the Sage Grouse as endangered, a “real” effort at returning the land to a natural state might be worth trying…

    Anyway, I thought I’d ask if you came across any information on that in your research for the book. Might be a good post in that…

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