blog post about searching for roast pig

This post is from a falconer who does, occasionally, post about falconry. But I like his other posts as well. His latest post begins:

“My mom is a roast pig (siu-yook) connoisseur, or maybe just a fresser-fusser. Knowing I live in a place with a Chinese population over 20, she has over the years sent me hoofing all around the Bay Area for the perfect pig — not too salty, enough of the other spices, and crispy fluffy skin. Above all, gotta be tender and not dry. Very few places meet her exacting Jungsan criteria.

So I’m at the Safeway on Washington St in San Lorenzo, and wandering across the parking lot toward the Longs Drugs when I see “Chinese BBQ” in nice red neon letters. It also says “Chinese Fast Food” which tends to make one shy away, unless one is in the mood for fat oily chow mein noodles.” [click here to continue reading . . .]


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  1. bob

    I wish I could write this well! great blog thanks.

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