stalking karl rove

Rosemary Beach, Fla.

Rosemary Beach, Fla.

Okay, this piece doesn’t have a whole lot to do with natural history — unless you include human behavior — and this certainly doesn’t have anything to do with falconry. But those interested in what happens to unelected behind-the-scenes political operatives who exert a great deal of influence in molding public policy, might want to read on.

This piece also touches on what constitutes a community — is it a collection of beautiful buildings, or is it people?

Here’s the beginning of the piece, which is posted on

“Last October I found myself in Rosemary Beach, Florida, and while I was there heard that this was Karl Rove’s new hometown. Forget Texas and DC – one of the most influential political operatives of the last decade lived in a million dollar home in this upscale New Urbanist community on Florida’s Emerald Coast.

I had a plan. I was going to find Karl Rove’s house and stand outside it and do something – I didn’t know what – but I felt like I had to make a statement about my complete disgust with him and his cold Machiavellian ways. He left a trail of tanked elections and dirty tricks behind him when he abruptly left Washington in 2007 to spend more time with his family. Since then he’s ignored a subpoena by Congress investigating the firing of U.S. attorneys by the Justice Department and was found in contempt of Congress when he failed to show up. I felt like Rove had no scruples, no ethics, was a two-faced hypocrite, and deserved to be found and at the very least, mocked.” (click here to continue reading)



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