another falcon killed

Today Steve Chindgren had another falcon killed by a golden eagle while hunting sage grouse in Wyoming. Steve flew Tava for eight seasons. Tava was having a great year and had just knocked his 22nd grouse of the season out of the sky after going up a thousand feet. The eagle killed the falcon while he was dispatching the grouse.

Steve with Java (photo by Gary Boberg)

Steve with Tava (photo by Gary Boberg)



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5 responses to “another falcon killed

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  2. John

    I just finished Falcon Fever and am eagerly awaiting your book Rachael…

    I was touched by this note about Steve losing another falcon, as well as being thrilled by your husband’s description of the winter hunt with Steve…

    I live in SLC and just found a video Steve made about hunting Red Grouse in Scotland at the local library…

    I looked Steve up on the ‘net and sent an e-mail of condolence to his listed e-mail at the Sky King website, but it came back “mailbox does not exist”…

    If you read this, please extend my empathy on his loss… I’ve lost several furred or feathered friends over the years and it’s never fun.

  3. rachelbirds

    Thanks for your note, John. I will extend your condolences to Steve next time I speak to him.

    Glad you liked Tim’s book. Hope you enjoy mine as well.


    • Keith Ealy

      Hi Rachel,

      I just finished Tim’s book and became aware of your works as well, and am looking forward to reading them. Tim and I are kindred spirits, as falconry was perhaps my salvation through a troubled youth. I would love to email him and express my appreciation for his outstanding book. Would you please forward this request to him or provide his email to me? Search as I might, I was unable to find it on the web.

      Thank you,
      Keith Ealy,
      El Valle, NM

  4. John

    Thank you Rachel – your book is on order at Amazon and I’m eagerly awaiting it…

    Please let Tim know how much I enjoyed his writing as well.

    I have (after many years of waiting) arrived at a place in life where I can finally pursue the dream of falconry and do justice to the bird.

    Tim’s book “Falcon Fever” (which serendipitously dropped into my life about a month ago) fanned the ember into a flame again for me… at what is probably the perfect time.

    For anyone reading this blog – Falcon Fever is highly recommended!

    Thank you Tim!


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