book cover art

Book cover art is a tricky thing. You want it to be beautiful and show up well on the shelf or the table in the bookstore. You want it to be compelling enough so someone will just have to pick it up and poke through the book. I think Houghton did a nice job on this cover. Unfortuantely the photo is of a prairie falcon and not a gyr-peregrine hybrid but I like the look of the bird and where it’s placed on the cover so I’ll forgive them the species swap.




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5 responses to “book cover art

  1. It’s a really elegant cover. There’s something incredibly relaxing about it yet, oddly, it also puts me slightly on edge. But, thinking on that, that’s exactly how I’ve felt when viewing falcons. It’s going to look might pretty on the front table at bookstores — and in my hands when I sit and read it anywhere and everywhere as soon as I own one.

  2. rachelbirds

    Hey, thanks. It’s such a crap shoot as to what you’ll get from the publisher. I think this captures the beautiful but deadly thing quite well.

  3. Pre-ordered from Amazon. look forward to reading it.

  4. It’s a good-looking cover. The bird looks quite a bit like Kallikak in her first year. She was a Prairie/Peregrine hybrid that Chindgren flew for many years. The best duck-hawking I’ve ever done was with Kallikak.

  5. rachelbirds

    Hi Carel,

    Thanks for your comment. Kallikak sounded like an amazing bird — heard many tales about that bird from Steve.


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